Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi Friends!
I know I have been totally lax about writing these past few months.... ok, since February, but life got a bit too crazy at Providence Hall. Now that I am finally into Summer vacation, I hope to update you a bit more regularly about what is going on.
First off, God has been changing my perspective. What I thought would be a summer trip has turned into much more than that... and He has me waiting. More than once I have tried to jump the gun, and I have been asked to wait... By the Lord, the sending team and others.
I just signed on for one more entire year at Providence Hall. I have been feeling my heart change on this decision for the past month, and the school is still in such a precarious position, so fragile and new. I really felt like God was asking me to give it one more year, to help establish some stability in student life and the arts program... So I am being faithful in what I heard and taking a step in that direction.

However, I just got back from the introduction to Christian Associates and I must say that I really feel led to this group of people. I feel like its mission is to establish churches that are dedicated to being spirit led and reaching the people of Europe. I spent a whole Saturday in Thousand Oaks learning about their mission organization and in the process met two wonderful young women who are going to the Aix en Provence church! We got along so well that we spent 3 hours having dinner together after the all day conference just to get to know one another better. They are "merveillieux", sweet, kind lovers of the French people!
Its so amazing to already have friends who will be in France, serving, while I am preparing to serve.

So while I feel as if I have had a minor set back in actually getting to France, I feel like God is preparing me here, step by (sometimes slow and painful) step.

So there is the quick update. More to come soon! I have to go prepare for Prayer tonight! (yeah Monday Night Prayer Warriors!) and get ready to leave for Denver.

More when I get back. Thank you for reading and for all your support!


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