Monday, February 9, 2009

The Blog

I think I ventured into the land of blogging completely blind and am now in over my head.

I've just spent the last hour reading absolutely hilarious literary adventures from the fingers of my friends and am in complete awe. I had no idea that in order to have your own blog, one must actually be funny of clever or have something profound to say. Maybe I need new friends who are not such astute writers. Maybe I just need some practice. OR, maybe only the great writers blog, and I find myself among the cream of the crop... and I'm the sediment sinking to the bottom of the canister.

All this to say, in a very round-about-way, Taylor, Lara, Casey, Zak... you are all brilliant, wonderful, witty, intelligent writers and it brings me great joy to read your thoughts. (Especially in Study Hall ;) I aspire to be like you one day. Full of brilliant ideas and meaningful things to say.

I will now stop this post, as I have to prep for my "Introduction to Theatre" class in which I will try to introduce some of the basic ideas of Viewpoints while juggling classrooms (ours is being used for class photos today) and unruly teenagers at the same time! Then on to Alice in Wonderland rehearsal, so I will not see the light of day until 5:30pm-- but by then its dark, so I won't see any light but the one over my stove as I reheat leftovers for dinner.

Ahhh, the life of the High School teacher. So romanticized by television and modern media.

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  1. Kate! I love reading your blog! So far...I find you a very clever writer and I'm so excited about your adventure. Starting this blog is a big deal. One - it holds you a bit accountable, doesn't it? I know I'm going to keep praying for Paris and asking you what God's doing in your life b/c of what you share. And two - what a cool journal of your journey! Wonder what this will all look like in 2 years, right?? Thrilling!

    "Blog request" - Can you please add links to your friends' blogs! You make me curious to read their brilliant, wonderful, witty, intelligent writings! ;))