Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Here

Our first day has been so full of crazy adventures... meeting people, praying for people and being engrosed in the beautiful city of history and light!

We had an adventure including a lost wallet that was found by the grace of God... a fire alarm scare sending us all outside in our pajamas... a run in with a real British pirate (who was 5 years old with ice cream running down his chin)... great food, including lamb pie with mash, gravy and mushy peas... beautiful graveyards full of the saints... wooden toilets and marble urinals. Hmmm, we haven't seen much of historical London yet, but we will in good time.

We are getting lots of time to pray over the city, and God is good. We have had many divine appointments and have been blessed by our time here! I just bought tickets to see War Horse with some friends =) Genevieve, Mitch and TJ Jan, Cassie and I are going... I can't wait!!! London theatre here we come.

Here are just a few prayer requests:
-Please continue to pray for my stomach... I just had a hard night with digestion
-For energy in the heat, and good sleep through the night... no more 5am mornings!
-For focus in prayer and for discerment within our team to the leading of the Holy spirit
-That the eyes of the people of London would be open to the truth and that the Lies would be torn down. We had a prayer go up tonight that our prayers would be like the final shout around the walls Jerico and the walls would fall. It was a great word, and we all feel that to be true. We feel the spirit mounting to do a great work here!

Thank you so much for praying alonside us!!!
Love to you all!